--- Day changed Thu Apr 09 2015
TanebThis project is a bit too ambitious...09/04 10:03
TanebI'm now writing a parsing library for Agda09/04 10:03
TanebOn which note, is there a Category.Applicative.Alternative or something lurking around anywhere?09/04 10:06
DutaJust hit a bug when C-c C-a 'ing - can someone check it's not just my setup?09/04 23:12
lpasteDuta pasted “typed-expressions.agda” at http://lpaste.net/13044809/04 23:12
Duta^ C-c C-a 'ing in any of the four holes (at the bottom) produces a "An internal error has occurred. Please report this as a bug. Location of the error: src/full/Agda/Auto/Typecheck.hs:365" message09/04 23:14
TweyDuta: Duplicated, on ghc-7.8.409/04 23:18
DutaThanks! Time to lookup how to report bugs, I guess.09/04 23:18

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