--- Day changed Sun Nov 01 2015
mietekaugur: the Homebrew formula is finally ready01/11 14:05
augurmietek: oh?01/11 14:05
mietekaugur: not yet merged; https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/pull/4532701/11 14:05
auguri wish things were simpler than this. :(01/11 14:05
augurits always so complicated01/11 14:05
mietek`brew install agda`01/11 14:06
mietekJust have to wait for them to merge it01/11 14:06
augurno i mean things as a whole01/11 14:06
augurthe ideal setup for me would be just having something as an app you install by dragging to your apps folder :\01/11 14:07
mietekI disagree; that’s why we have http://caskroom.io01/11 14:07
mietek(Homebrew wrapper around apps which you install by dragging to keep them up to date)01/11 14:08
augurthere's nothing to agree or disagree about01/11 14:08
mietekPerhaps you’d like to rethink the paradigm01/11 14:11
mietekhttp://www.haskellforall.com/2015/05/the-internet-of-code.html or http://urbit.org ?01/11 14:11
augurHaskell for All actually looks really slick. havent tried it out yet tho01/11 14:12
augurer.. not haskell for all01/11 14:12
augurwhat am i think of01/11 14:13
augur:|01/11 14:13
augurhaskell for mac01/11 14:13
augurthats it01/11 14:13
mietekIt’s GHC packaged in an app.01/11 14:14
augurthe new GHC install is probably really exactly how it should be, right now, for me, i think01/11 14:14
augurtho the people who made it apparently didnt fully think through what they were doing01/11 14:14
augurthey packaged a version of cabal that they got from halcyon, even tho this version was built on not-el-capitan, so you have to manually rebuild cabal using the stack that comes packaged with it, and replace it in the .app01/11 14:16
mietekaugur: Homebrew now has Agda, complete with the standard library and FFI bindings01/11 18:14
mietekAnd it actually works, in contrast to the state it’s been in for the past ~8 months01/11 18:15
mietekIt only took a week to get the fixes right 01/11 18:15
mietek;p01/11 18:15
augur:)01/11 18:46

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