--- Day changed Wed Aug 02 2017
nm_i am getting agda-mode command not found error in emacs even after adding 02/08 18:40
nm_(load-file (let ((coding-system-for-read 'utf-8))                 (shell-command-to-string "agda-mode locate")))02/08 18:40
nm_please help 02/08 18:40
nm_can someone please help me?02/08 18:52
Nik05`Sorry don't know what to do about that.02/08 18:53
Nik05`But how did you install it?02/08 18:54
Nik05`nm_: have you tried agda-mode setup?02/08 18:55
nm_i installed it by cabal install agda02/08 18:55
nm_agda-mode setup gives me agda-mode command not found02/08 18:56
nm_so i added the above (load-file) in .emacs file but then in emacs it says agda-mode command not found02/08 18:57
Nik05`nm_: did cabal finish without errors?02/08 18:59
nm_yes02/08 18:59
nm_i can run agda --version02/08 18:59
Nik05`What distro are you running by the way?02/08 19:00
nm_ubuntu02/08 19:00
Nik05`nm_: what version of agda does Ubuntu have?02/08 19:46
Nik05`I think agda is packaged in Ubuntu.02/08 19:46
Saizan_if you can't run "agda-mode" there's something wrong with the installation (possibly $PATH), and editing .emacs is not going to help02/08 20:22
Saizan_(i guess absolute paths could help)02/08 20:25
Nik05`nm_ ^^02/08 21:03
Nik05`Oh he left...02/08 21:11

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