--- Day changed Sun Feb 12 2017
SuprDewdI'm looking to implement comparison of arbitrary Agda terms using reflection12/02 13:21
SuprDewdis that possible? perhaps someone has already done this?12/02 13:21
SuprDewdI'm going to use that for sorting12/02 13:22
SuprDewddon't really care about the exact order, as long as "definitionally equal" expressions are grouped together12/02 13:22
adamseSuprDewd: perhaps https://github.com/UlfNorell/agda-prelude/blob/master/src/Tactic/Deriving/Eq.agda12/02 13:22
SuprDewdadamse: thanks, this might be a good starting point12/02 13:27
SuprDewdhttps://github.com/SuprDewd/generate-agda-comparators12/02 21:59
SuprDewdin case someone will also find this useful12/02 21:59

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