--- Day changed Wed Feb 15 2017
wedifyagda-bindings-collection is no more. i decided to split it up15/02 07:31
wedifynow i have haskell-base which is much improved over the bindings from agda-bindings-collection as it uses instances to provide overloaded operations15/02 07:32
wedifycheck it out at github.com/drull95/haskell-base15/02 07:32
wedifyit's not heavily tested unfortunately but that will change15/02 07:33
wedifycomments appreciated15/02 07:33
wedifyagda-sdl is up at github.com/drull95/agda-sdl15/02 21:10
SuprDewdwedify: what is SDL, if you don't mind me asking?15/02 21:18
wedifyit is a graphics library15/02 21:21
SuprDewdneat15/02 21:24

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