--- Day changed Mon Jan 02 2017
mietekWhat happened with C-u C-u C-n?02/01 23:54
mietekwell02/01 23:54
mietekC-u C-u C-c C-n02/01 23:55
mietek1,1-502/01 23:55
mietekNot in scope:02/01 23:55
mietek  show at 1,1-502/01 23:55
mietekwhen scope checking show02/01 23:55
mietekThis is 2.5.2.  If I give fewer C-u prefixes, it normalises as before.02/01 23:55
mietekWhich is, not very much at all.02/01 23:55
mietekTwo C-u prefixes used to increase the amount of normalisation.02/01 23:56
mietekDoes this work for anyone else?02/01 23:56

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