--- Day changed Sun Jul 02 2017
Saizancanndrew: dunno, maybe by winter02/07 06:56
canndrewSaizan: ah kay, thanks for all your hard work :)02/07 08:35
canndrewis there still anything to figure out (in terms of how they should behave)?02/07 08:36
Saizancanndrew: the CTT guys have made good progress in the last few weeks, but I didn't get to see the details yet02/07 09:30
Saizanbut the tricky part was how to do composition in general02/07 09:31
Nik05In forexample the Sigma type is it possible to switch the order of the field while one field depends on the other?02/07 16:47
{AS}Nik05: you can use syntax02/07 17:25
Nik05thank you02/07 17:25
{AS}sure :)02/07 17:25
{AS}Nik05: In general the reason dependencies are l->r is because of partial application02/07 17:29
Nik05oh right, ofcourse02/07 17:29

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