--- Day changed Tue Jul 04 2017
Nik05Hm no idea how his temporal logic works, conjuction is only possible for propositions at the same time04/07 00:30
comietekNik05: you could try reading some of the papers Pfenning has written with Davies04/07 00:42
comietekNik05: before implementing modal logics, do you already know how to implement a standard propositional logic?04/07 00:43
comietekNik05: if you do, do you know how to show normalisation for it?04/07 00:44
comietekNik05: and if you know that, do you know how to show that your normalisation method is correct with respect to some separately-defined convertibility relation (or, dynamics)?04/07 00:45
comietekNik05: and if you know *that*, then please teach me, because i have no idea how to do it for anything else except the very basic Hilbert system and Tarski semantics, and they aren't good for anything else04/07 00:46
Nik05haha comietek, uh i guess no :P04/07 01:18
comietekNik05: not that i would wish to dissuade you from modal logics04/07 01:20
Nik05its all just fun for me04/07 01:22
Nik05guess I should first undertand implementing a propositional logic04/07 01:22
Nik05thank you comietek, i will read further :)04/07 01:41
Nik05and maybe later try modal logics04/07 01:41
Nik05epistemic or something logic i find interesting04/07 01:42
Nik05oh i wrote it correct :)04/07 01:42
Nik05have a good evening04/07 01:45

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