--- Day changed Wed Jul 26 2017
christiansenglguy: a lot of those constructions were repeated for --without-k in Jesper Cockx's thesis26/07 02:38
christiansenhttps://lirias.kuleuven.be/bitstream/123456789/583556/1/thesis-final-digital.pdf26/07 02:39
comietekthat’s a nice thesis26/07 07:43
comietekthanks26/07 07:43
Nik05`Nice a Dutch abstract with jargon translated to Dutch. Afhankelijke typetheorie26/07 12:45
Nik05`I guess that is for family26/07 12:46
gallaisBelgium is pretty fixated on language issues. I'm sure it's a mandatory thing26/07 12:59
Nik05`Not in the Netherlands, all education should be giving in Dutch by law.26/07 13:01
Nik05`All my courses were in English26/07 13:01
Nik05`And most professors aren't fluent in English. So we don't learn English that well and the material is harder to understand than being teached in your native language. And because we don't use Dutch, our Dutch is degrading as well.26/07 13:04
Nik05`Especially for technical guys like me who aren't great in languages.26/07 13:05
comietekany Agda formalisations of pure type systems (PTS)?26/07 15:14

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