--- Day changed Fri Jul 28 2017
akrargh, there seems to be some issue with termination checking when using instance arguments28/07 09:52
akrhmm, also I can't use instance arguments in mutual definitions?28/07 10:07
akror rather, mutually define instances28/07 10:08
akrah nevermind the last thing, I had mutual and instance keywords the wrong way round28/07 10:17
akrbut the termination checking failing here https://gist.github.com/osense/4221766151007abb58998cfb951737c7 is that a known thing?28/07 10:18
gallaisrecursive calls hidden under pattern-matching lambdas usually make the termination checker unhappy28/07 10:40
gallaisWith copatterns it works fine: https://gist.github.com/gallais/388c1f3c21b8910d0f4898c383dae55c28/07 10:42
akrgallais: nice, thank you28/07 10:54
akrI'll do that then :)28/07 10:54

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