--- Day changed Fri May 05 2017
akr[m]there isn't ⊆ for lists in the stdlib?05/05 14:51
akr[m]or am I just blind05/05 14:51
Tanebakr[m], there's one in Data.List.Any05/05 14:53
akr[m]hmm05/05 14:54
akr[m]Taneb: so that one seems like it might be hard to use05/05 14:56
akr[m]wouldn't something like this be better: https://mietek.github.io/hilbert-gentzen/html/Common.Context.html#161105/05 14:57
Tanebakr[m], hmm, I think they have a different purpose05/05 14:58
akr[m]I guess it depends on what exactly you want to use it for? idk05/05 14:58
TanebThe one in std-lib is about using Lists as Sets05/05 14:58
TanebWell, small-s sets05/05 14:58
akr[m]I guess you're right05/05 14:58
akr[m]I'll try the stdlib one05/05 14:59
akr[m]thank you05/05 14:59

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