--- Day changed Mon May 08 2017
subttleIf I want to use Data.AVL.Set with a type for which I have defined the StrictTotalOrder with my own equivalence relation, is that possible to do?08/05 10:37
subttleI'm using the line:08/05 10:37
subttleopen Data.AVL {Key = RegExp} {_<_ = _<r_} (StrictTotalOrder.isStrictTotalOrder sto)08/05 10:38
subttleand I get a type error:08/05 10:38
{AS}subttle: basically you just need to define the IsStrictTotalOrder08/05 10:38
subttleexpected x ≡ x, actual x ≡r x08/05 10:38
{AS}subttle: Ah, it seems that the implementation depends on the equality one08/05 10:39
{AS}subttle: so I would think not unless you redefine it08/05 10:40
subttle{AS}: Thank you for your reply. Do you mean redefine my `sto`? Or something else?08/05 10:40
{AS}subttle: no the library08/05 10:40
{AS}I think it's currently depending on strict equality08/05 10:41
subttle{AS}: hm, do you imagine there is a reason it's not parameterized?08/05 10:41
{AS}My guess it's harder to implement otherwise08/05 10:42
subttle{AS}: I see, thank you for your help!08/05 10:42
{AS}np08/05 10:43

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