--- Day changed Sun Sep 10 2017
subttleSo I've just finished my HW1 for my Modern Algebra 1 course by hand, I'm trying to rewrite it in Agda now though, I'm curious to see how others would set up this first easy warm up problem..10/09 17:14
subttleFor the map f : ℤ → ℤ given by f(x) = x * x what are the following?10/09 17:15
subttle(a) f (2), (b) f ({2}), (c) f ({ -1, 0, 2 }), (d) f^(-1) (1), (e) f^(-1) (-1), (f) f^(-1) ({0, 1, 2})10/09 17:15
subttleI can post the answers to prove I'm not asking you to do my HW :D10/09 17:16
subttleThank you in advance to anybody willing to help... Just private message me if you want me to send answers first10/09 17:17
subttleI think 1a is pretty standard, but for the questions with Set I'm curious the best way to go... Data.AVL.Sets or Data.Fin or something else?10/09 17:20
subttleData.Fin.Subset*10/09 17:20
pgiarrusso_subttle I'd consider cheating and using List at first, for simplicity10/09 22:19

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