--- Day changed Tue Feb 13 2018
lapinotbtw is anyone using archlinux here? the agda-stdlib package doesn't include the standard-lib.agda-lib file which i think is weird13/02 00:59
mudri[m]lapinot: Is it an old version or something?13/02 09:07
lapinotmudri[m]: the stdlib itself is up-to-date, it's just that it's weirdly packaged: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/agda-stdlib/files/13/02 09:31
lapinotevery library is dropped into `/usr/share/agda/lib/prim/...` with no `.agda-lib` file: the `agda` package puts the builtins (`Agda` module) there and the `agda-stdlib` puts his stuff there too13/02 09:34
lapinotmaybe it would be better to lay it out separately: `/usr/share/agda/lib/core/...` and `/usr/share/agda/core.agda-lib` for the `agda` package and `/usr/share/agda/lib/stdlib-x.y` for the `agda-stdlib` package13/02 09:36
lapinoti'm gonna contact the maintainer to ask him about that (or maybe you are the one?)13/02 09:37

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