--- Day changed Thu Feb 22 2018
apostolisI am trying to change the execution model of Agda. Functions are executed by different distributed agents.22/02 10:17
apostolisThat requieres that I send data from one agent to the other. Multiple variables through a single tcp connection.22/02 10:18
apostolisI wonder if I can find a unique identifier for each variable so that both agents understand the data sent belong to that specific variable.22/02 10:19
apostolisDoes anyone have any advice? I am thinking of using Agda's reflection utilities.22/02 10:20
abhir00pAre there any applications of dependent types in parallel programming?22/02 11:06
abhir00pLIke data partitioning, data locality, bound checks etc for computing on large vectors and arrays?22/02 11:06
abhir00pHas there been any research on this?22/02 11:06
apostolisWhere can I find documentation about agda's reflection?22/02 12:48
pyedpyperCan you guys recommend a university that is likely to take me, and where a professor is working with Agda?22/02 13:00
pyedpyperI'm graduating with a masters in CS with a cumulative GPA of 3.9.22/02 13:01
mietekpyedpyper[afk]: have a browse through http://wiki.portal.chalmers.se/agda/pmwiki.php?n=Main.Publications22/02 14:10
pyedpyper[afk]mietek: thanks22/02 20:19
pie_is it possible to use agda without having to type unicode?22/02 22:53
pie_* fancy unicode symbols22/02 22:54
mietekyes22/02 22:54

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