--- Day changed Sat Feb 24 2018
apostolisIs there a tutorial on Reflection? Is there a function that shows a Term so that I can inspect it?24/02 05:42
apostolisA function like this Term -> String. I could make one if it does not exist.24/02 05:43
trikl[m]@mudri:matrix.org: I ended up cloning Agda-Stdlib into `.agda`24/02 18:50
lambdabotUnknown command, try @list24/02 18:50
trikl[m]apostolis: `debugPrint : String → Nat → List ErrorPart → TC ⊤`24/02 18:51
trikl[m]And `termErr : Term → ErrorPart`24/02 18:52
trikl[m]But it will print the unquoted term24/02 18:52
trikl[m]I would love to have a way of inspecting the data structure of terms24/02 18:53
trikl[m]pyedpyper: University of Strathclyde, Conor McBride is there24/02 18:54
apostolistrikl[m] : I wrote a simple function that prints the Term.24/02 18:59
trikl[m]I still haven't looked at how IO works in Agda24/02 19:12
trikl[m]Builtin pragmas are such a freaking nice thing24/02 19:14
dmilezWhat generation of a programming language is Agda? 24/02 23:25

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