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pie_anyone know how to get the stdlib on nixos? :| 03/01 22:05
pie_*the proper way03/01 22:05
pie_right now ive got nix-shell -p haskellPackages.Agda AgdaStdlib but the agda binary doesnt find the stdlib03/01 22:05
Saizanhttp://agda.readthedocs.io/en/v2.5.3/tools/package-system.html03/01 22:21
pie_yeah im poking at that too without much luck..03/01 22:27
pie_ah there we go, my defaults file was bad03/01 22:29
pie_i ended up just getting the stdlib from github and setting it up manually..03/01 22:30
trikl[m]I was about to say this is what I did03/01 22:30
trikl[m]It was easier to have my stack installations get it from there03/01 22:31
pie_whelp, now im trying to run hello world and ive got this compilation error https://pastebin.com/TrxDHcBu03/01 22:41
pie_http://wiki.portal.chalmers.se/agda/pmwiki.php?n=ReferenceManual2.Compilation03/01 22:42
pie_well for better or worse apparently cabal installing stuff solves that03/01 22:48
pie_there ahs to be a better way to do this than manualls installing 77 haskell packages03/01 22:51
pie_i dont think this is how the nixos packager imagines this working *scratches head*03/01 22:56
pie_it looks like cabal install --only-dependencies on Agda.cabal from the github might wrk though03/01 22:57
mudri[m]I think my NixOS installation just works, so I'm not sure what that's doing.03/01 22:58
pie_:| mudri[m] how do you do it?03/01 23:02
pie_ugh cabal chokes on zlib03/01 23:03
mudri[m]pie_: I'll check...03/01 23:03
pie_i am a master yak shaving dispatcher03/01 23:04
mudri[m]I don't use Cabal to install stuff, anyway.03/01 23:05
pie_i wouldnt either03/01 23:05
mudri[m]I have the AgdaStdlib package installed globally, and then Agda inside a ghcWithPackages which is then installed globally.03/01 23:06
trikl[m]pie_: You can use Stack, it has nix support03/01 23:06
mudri[m]Will that give binaries?03/01 23:07
trikl[m]https://docs.haskellstack.org/en/stable/nix_integration/03/01 23:07
mudri[m]I'm not sure that will work well for Agda.03/01 23:09
mudri[m]If Agda relies on zlib, for example, it might be a pain.03/01 23:09
trikl[m]Why? You can instruct Stack to get zlib via nix03/01 23:10
mudri[m]But then you have to modify the Agda source (in a simple way, but it's still a faff).03/01 23:11
trikl[m]I don't follow03/01 23:12
trikl[m]I have Agda installed both through Nix and Stack. Both installations grab the libraries from `.agda`03/01 23:13
mudri[m]From Stackage or from the repository?03/01 23:15
pie_mudri[m], can you paste your nix?03/01 23:15
mudri[m]Sure...03/01 23:16
trikl[m]From Stackage, I think03/01 23:19
pie_i need to dig into nix one of these days...03/01 23:21
pie_maybe i should just drop dealing with software for a while and just study theory03/01 23:21
pie_eh, thanks anyway, thats neough yak shaving for today03/01 23:21
mudri[m]pie_: http://nixpaste.lbr.uno/_XPB6Jpi?nix03/01 23:22
mudri[m]@trikl:matrix.org: On NixOS or not?03/01 23:23
lambdabotUnknown command, try @list03/01 23:23
mudri[m](And pure or not?)03/01 23:24
trikl[m]Yes, on NixOS03/01 23:25
trikl[m]What does it mean in this case to be pure?03/01 23:25
mudri[m]I think it says about it on that Nix integration page you linked to.03/01 23:26
trikl[m]Oh yeah, pure03/01 23:27
trikl[m]For my particular use case (running hakyll and agda-snippets) my include contains [pkgconfig zeromq zlib libcxx icu gcc ncurses]03/01 23:28
mudri[m]Aah, that seems reasonable. What do you mean by your include?03/01 23:29
trikl[m]The section in which you tell Stack which nix packages to use03/01 23:30
mudri[m]What file's that in?03/01 23:30
trikl[m]Your project's `stack.yaml`03/01 23:31
mudri[m]Aah, right, so you're working inside a Haskell project.03/01 23:31
trikl[m]Yes03/01 23:31
trikl[m]I use just Nix for my user Agda installation03/01 23:32
trikl[m]Never tried to compile and run any Agda though X)03/01 23:32
mudri[m]So, I guess you don't use the Stack-installed one's agda-mode for example?03/01 23:33
trikl[m]You guessed right03/01 23:33
trikl[m]Yeah, maybe my comments weren't very relevant to the problem >_>03/01 23:34
mudri[m]It would still work, but it'd be a bit faffy.03/01 23:34
mudri[m]Like any compiler-editor interation in Nix, it seems. :-/03/01 23:35
mudri[m]Unless there's a way to put Emacs inside a Nix shell without having to restart it.03/01 23:37
pie_mudri[m], thx for the paste03/01 23:37

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